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Emacros: A Package for Organizing and Handling Keyboard Macros in GNU Emacs

The purpose of keyboard macros in an editor is to expedite the entering of key sequences that occur frequently and are lengthy or inconvenient to type. GNU Emacs provides keyboard macros. Beginning with Version 22, GNU Emacs contains the kmacro package, which provides support for dealing with keyboard macros that have been defined and named during the current Emacs session. Support for saving, organizing, and reloading keyboard macros remains weak. The Emacros package facilitates these tasks.

For more information, see the documentation of the Emacros package.

The Emacros package comes with Emacs Lisp source code, byte-compiled code, and the documentation in HTML format.

Download the Emacros Package
Version Information: Emacros works with GNU Emacs Version 21 and Version 22. Older Emacs versions are not supported.

Revision History

Aug 2007
Improved dealing with using existing macro names for naming or renaming macros.

May 2007
Reading the name of an existing macro from minibuffer improved (history list).

Mar 2007
Original version created (based on an older, unmaintained version for Emacs 19).

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