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A Function Edit Control (Draggable Function Graph, Draggable Line Chart) for Windows

My function edit control is an MFC custom control that presents to the user a draggable function graph, that is, a draggable line chart, like this:
The result can be retrieved as a function, that is, the client programmer can ask for any function value f(x), where x is a value on the x-axis of the control. The control offers a considerable degree of flexibility in terms of appearance and behavior. The axes have a reasonable amount of intelligence to avoid labels running into each other or running off the control.

The function graph can be a polyline connecting the handles, or it can be a Gaussian-weighted spline curve. The latter provides a very easy and intuitive way of achieving practically any desired shape of the function graph.

At this point, I am not providing the source code for download. You can download the demo app below. If you would like to use the control in your software, please .

Download the function edit control demo app

Revision History

Nov 2006
Original version created.