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I crossed the Black Buttes right above Glacier Lake. This is what the lake looked like after I had hauled my sorry butt and my 45 lb pack up to the top. The big hunk in the background is English Mountain, which I climbed and explored some summers ago.
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Glacier Lake has no creeks feeding into it. It is in fact the source of Canyon Creek, the tributary of the South Yuba River that I had been following. Therefore, crossing the Black Buttes here above Glacier Lake marked the end of the first, three-day leg of my journey. I was now less than a day away from the Pacific Crest Trail, which is of course a major thoroughfare, ferrying hikers all the way between the Mexican and Canadian borders. Once on the PCT, there would be no more bushwacking and cross-countrying. I would just sail on down south to the Tahoe Rim Trail, the recently completed 160-mile loop around Lake Tahoe, which runs right behind my house.
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